Building a Green Oak Timber Shelter

Course dates have been released for the Timber Framing Course that will focus on building our shelter for the community garden in Alice Park.

Have a look!!  If you’re interested, or have any questions, please contact us or any of the contacts on the course publicity.

We hope you can join us on the course!

Log to Beam: 2,3 March, Ammerdown.  This is to select and section the timber.

Traditional Oak Framing 1:  16,17 March,  Alice Park.  Scribe and cut green oak, learn how to make a wall frame with curved braces.

Traditional Oak Framing 2:  23, 24, 25 March, Alice Park.  Cross frames, and the centre truss triangle.

Traditional Oak Framing 3:  19, 20, 21 April, Alice Park.  Hip roof geometry and construction. Laying out the wall plates and constructing the roof at ground level.

The Raising:  11, 12 May, Alice Park.  Party!  Bring friends family and food. More info to follow.

Roof Shingling: beginning 15 May, Alice Park.  Learn how to set out batons and lay shingles.

For further details: T: 01761 433161 E:

or contact Alice Park Community Garden and we can email you a pdf with further information.