Mark Diacono talk at Bath Uni Garden Club

Went to a really inspiring talk by River Cottage head gardener, writer, and farmer Mark Diacono yesterday held by the University Gardening Club. 

There were a few really strong messages he wanted to convey to the audience:

GROW THINGS THAT TASTE EXTRAORDINARY!  There are many beautiful plants out there that also taste amazing.  Don’t just grow what everyone else does.

CHALLENGE YOUR TASTE BUDS.  Grow a couple things every year that you think you don’t like.  You may be surprised!

MAKE A WISH LIST OF THINGS YOU WANT TO EAT and grow them!  He pointed out that most people take up a lot of space growing things like potatoes, onions, & carrots that are really cheap in the shops, and then buy the more exotic, expensive things!?! Like sweetcorn, asparagus, globe artichokes, salsify, etc.  Grow them!

GROW LOTS OF CUT-AND-COME-AGAIN.  You will be able to eat salad for weeks longer.

GROW LOTS OF TRANSFORMERS.  Transformers are the things that make ordinary things taste extraordinary: herbs, garlic, chillies, edible flowers. Try lemon verbena!

He made us a delicious cocktail with cheap wine (fizzy & still), cheap strawberries, yacon syrup, lemon verbena, topped with a grinding of szechuan pepper.  Yum!

Some ideas of things to try: oca, yacon, Chilean guava, Japanese wineberries, mulberries, Egyptian walking onion, kai lan, and szechuan pepper

Have a look at the Otter Farm website for more ideas.

Wednesday 22 August at the garden

A perfect evening for gardening at Alice Park Community Garden – sunny, warm, beautiful sky, what a treat! The runner and French bean plants are majestic and producing lots of beans, those peas that have survived also have pods that will be ready in the next week or so. We cut off all the stalks of the potatoes as there are signs of blight – a well-respected source of gardening knowledge said it’s okay to compost them – so we did. A bit of weeding and removing slugs and snails. Lots of lovely flowers …