John’s Gardening Column

John Ingham is an experienced professional gardener with wide knowledge of all aspects of gardening, and has owned an allotment in Claremont for many years.  He shared his seasonal gardening column with us and his entries can be found below…


18th May 2015 – Don’t Look a Gift Horse??     An unfortunate experience with toxic manure…     read more

3rd June 2015 – Vegetable Growing Resources     It seems a good time to list a few resources…     read more

26th June 2015 – Consolation Prizes       The advantages of growing fruit… read more

11th August 2015 – What to do at this time of year    How to prepare for autumn/winter…read more

2nd November 2015 – Mid October in the Garden    Finding the Fertility, Indespensible Tools… read more
29th February 2016 – Preparing for the Growing Season    What to grow, a compost experiment…  read more