Oak Barn – Terms of Hire

Terms and Conditions for Hire of the Alice Park Community Garden Green Oak Barn (Barn) – Alice Park Community Garden Management Committee, Transition Larkhall (Committee)

1. The hirer shall not use the Barn for any purpose other than those specified on the second page of this document.

2. The hirer shall not cause any damage to the Barn and the surrounding gardens, and shall take full responsibility for the actions of any person permitted to enter the premises during the time of hire.

3. The hirer shall be liable for any damage, theft, loss of property, or personal injury to or the death of any person on the premises during the time of hire.

4. Children under 18 years of age must be properly supervised at all times.

5. The hirer shall comply with all requirements of the Committee.

6. The hirer shall not exceed the maximum capacity of 50 people in the Barn.

7. No animal, other than a guide dog, may be brought into the Barn without prior consent by the Committee.

8. The hirer must ensure that all persons and equipment allowed on site during time of hire are removed by the end of the hire period. If they are not the hirer will be required to pay the Committee a surcharge amounting to the normal hire charge for the Barn until it has been cleared.

9. The hirer must ensure that the Barn is in the same condition at the end of the time of hire as it is prior to the hire. If this is not deemed to be the case by the Committee on the next working day after use, the hirer will be required to pay the Committee an amount to be decided based on the amount of work required.

10. The hirer shall be responsible for the payment of all fees arising out of and shall make all arrangements for licensable activity which may occur at their function. The hirer shall be responsible for contacting the Licensing Team at BANES to determine whether licensing is required.

11. No glass, barbeques, or open flames are allowed in the Barn.

12. The hirer shall ensure that no interference is caused to any member of public using Alice Park, or to local residents.

13. If loud music is to be played, or if the event finishes after 8.30pm, or if requested by the Committee, the hirer shall notify local residents of their intention to hold an event at least 2 weeks prior to the time of hire by way of a letter drop, which should include a contact number for someone who will be onsite during the event and able to alter noise levels.

14. The hirer shall ensure that people attending the event do not walk along or stand on the path which goes around Alice Park Nursery, or stand on the slope leading down to the Nursery, as residents live in this building. The hirer will ensure that people remain in, or in front of, the Barn, and do not cause any inconvenience to the residents who live at the Nursery.