Gardening Club

Gardening and growing food collectively is a good way to make new friends and you always share something to eat!

chardAt St Saviours Infants school the parents and children of the new Gardening Club have been exploring the basics of growing your own with mentors from the community garden.

The new gardeners have been using raised beds at the school to cultivatate, reap and sow in tandem with starter projects at home and enjoyed visiting other growing places like the allotments and our own garden here at Alice Park.

We look forward to catching up with the group agin in September to see learn about their summer harvests and check on the giant pumpkin.

Our Local Garden


Lunchtime at Alice Park Community Garden.

Our young gardening team from St Saviour’s Infant School harvested vegetables, salad, herbs and edible flowers to make beautiful and delicious salads to celebrate our last session in the Community Garden this term.

Our Local Garden

The peas have grown! Already 2 inches tall and ready to transplant into raised beds. We saw how snails had eaten some of them, leaving their silver trails behind. Tiny lettuce seedlings are also starting to appear.

The group tried sugar snap peas and mange tout, delicious ripe strawberries. They carefully pulled up onions, laying them out to dry and harvested the rest of the radishes. The children smelt different herbs and looked at edible flours, also discovering some enormous stripey caterpillars!

Our Local Garden project




A group of children from St Saviour’s Infant school has been visiting Alice Park Community Garden each week this term, walking to and from their school with staff and parent helpers. They have been very busy in the garden, planting peas, sweetcorn and lettuce; harvesting and tasting broad beans, radishes, lettuce and fresh mint and last week took some freshly dug potatoes back to school which were cooked and tasted delicious!

The children have also been learning about wildlife in the garden and which creatures are the gardener’s friends and foes.

With the mixture of sunshine and showers, the pea and lettuce seeds are already coming up and in a few weeks will be ready to taste. Some ripening strawberries have also been spotted …