Gardening Column – What is there to do at this time of year?

What is there to do at this time of year except take holidays and harvest our crops?

It can seem like there isn’t much to do in the garden at this time of year, other than harvest, however John has some useful advice on how to keep your vegetable garden active, and how to prepare for autumn and winter.  Read more here…  

John’s gardening column, 11th August 2015

Our new gardening column

Our website has a new gardening column, written by John Ingham, an experienced professional gardener who specialises in organic no dig methods, and who has owned an allotment in Claremont for many years.  He will write about a wide range of gardening advice and experience, and is also happy to respond to any gardening queries you may have, no matter how big or small!

Please take a look:

Don’t look a gift horse – a bad experience with manure

Vegetable growing resources – where to source seeds, good varieties, and cloches

Consolation Prizes – if you are struggling with slugs and snails, try growing fruit

To contact John with a query or comment, please visit our gardening questions page here.

We’re incredibly grateful to John for offering such a fantastic resource, and hope that you enjoy reading it.