Breaking ground for our new accessible paths

As you know we have been preparing the site to receive the eco paving material, leaning heavily on Paul and the Feasey family to ease the heavy work.

So now begins the fun part, we will begin to level and lay the giant jigsaw puzzle that is PATH…this will involve:

possibly edging
and yes, likely a bit more shovelling

I hope this appeals and lots of you can come and help make light work of it

We will start at 11am as usual but may stay on a little longer than 1pm if we’re making good progress – all the path needs to be off the slab in time for the first Timber
Frame Course that starts in two weeks.

Cake will be provided.


Building a Green Oak Timber Shelter

Course dates have been released for the Timber Framing Course that will focus on building our shelter for the community garden in Alice Park.

Have a look!!  If you’re interested, or have any questions, please contact us or any of the contacts on the course publicity.

We hope you can join us on the course!

Log to Beam: 2,3 March, Ammerdown.  This is to select and section the timber.

Traditional Oak Framing 1:  16,17 March,  Alice Park.  Scribe and cut green oak, learn how to make a wall frame with curved braces.

Traditional Oak Framing 2:  23, 24, 25 March, Alice Park.  Cross frames, and the centre truss triangle.

Traditional Oak Framing 3:  19, 20, 21 April, Alice Park.  Hip roof geometry and construction. Laying out the wall plates and constructing the roof at ground level.

The Raising:  11, 12 May, Alice Park.  Party!  Bring friends family and food. More info to follow.

Roof Shingling: beginning 15 May, Alice Park.  Learn how to set out batons and lay shingles.

For further details: T: 01761 433161 E:

or contact Alice Park Community Garden and we can email you a pdf with further information.


Only the blackbirds were on the allotment today.  It was cold and very soggy, perfect weather for digging up worms, but hopeless for gardeners.

This is the stack of paving grids that we are about to install to make our garden more accessible to people in wheelchairs and with pushchairs.  We’d welcome all offers of help, so be in touch if you can donate some labour:

See you there next week!


We have our exciting bundle of this years seeds in from the allotment association mostly ‘Kings Seeds’….and what are we planning on planting this year?

Well this is the list…so far….


Early       – Pentland Javelin

2nd Early – Charlotte

Main       – Cara


Carrots – Early Nantes

                Main- Autumn King

Salad onions – white Lisbon


Leek – Almera

          – Tadorna

Celery – Victoria (self Blanching)

Radish – Cherry Belle


Dwarf French       – Sungold

Climbing French – Cobra

Runner                 – Celebration

               – Painted Lady

Peas – onwards

        – Sugar Snap


Pumpkin – Dill’s Atlantic Giant

Winter Squash – Queensland Blue

 – Autumn Crown

 – Crown Prince

Yellow Courgette – Jemmer

Courgette – Nero di Milano

Sweetcorn – Sweet Nugget


Lettuce – Suzan

       All Year Round

       Webs Wonderful

Calabrese – Parthenon

Spinach – Reddy

Chinese Cabbage – Yuki

Pak Choi – Red

We normally sow Parsnips – with great success – does anyone have spare seed to share?


Welcome Back Alice Park Gardeners.

Volunteer sessions begin again on Sunday 3rd Feb 11- 1pm

Spring Jobs

Securing the hedge
Building a fence around the Pond – perhaps a top gate too
Pond landscaping and planting
Developing the Wildlife area
Creating Berry beds
Tidy up the wood-pile (sounds like a bonfire)
Pruning of stone fruit trees

Project P.A.T.H. (Providing Access To Horticulture) – we’re going to need cake and lots of it. All donations gladly received –
If you have the will/strength to landscape or any experience we would welcome your support, the work begins laying our wheel friendly path next weekend, Sat/Sun 9th/10th. Please get in touch if you think you can help with this worthy task 07779789953

Start gardening – garlic, parsnips, sweet peas and broad beans are among the first crops of the year we’ll be checking our onions boosting the brassicae and we are ambitious to start an asparagus bed.

Ever fancied building your own house – like ‘Ben in the Woods’?
There is an exciting opportunity for Green Build enthusiasts to sign up to a timber shelter construction course which will provide us with a year round work space. The course will run over several weekends from March to May, details will be posted here soon.

See you in the garden


Mark Diacono talk at Bath Uni Garden Club

Went to a really inspiring talk by River Cottage head gardener, writer, and farmer Mark Diacono yesterday held by the University Gardening Club. 

There were a few really strong messages he wanted to convey to the audience:

GROW THINGS THAT TASTE EXTRAORDINARY!  There are many beautiful plants out there that also taste amazing.  Don’t just grow what everyone else does.

CHALLENGE YOUR TASTE BUDS.  Grow a couple things every year that you think you don’t like.  You may be surprised!

MAKE A WISH LIST OF THINGS YOU WANT TO EAT and grow them!  He pointed out that most people take up a lot of space growing things like potatoes, onions, & carrots that are really cheap in the shops, and then buy the more exotic, expensive things!?! Like sweetcorn, asparagus, globe artichokes, salsify, etc.  Grow them!

GROW LOTS OF CUT-AND-COME-AGAIN.  You will be able to eat salad for weeks longer.

GROW LOTS OF TRANSFORMERS.  Transformers are the things that make ordinary things taste extraordinary: herbs, garlic, chillies, edible flowers. Try lemon verbena!

He made us a delicious cocktail with cheap wine (fizzy & still), cheap strawberries, yacon syrup, lemon verbena, topped with a grinding of szechuan pepper.  Yum!

Some ideas of things to try: oca, yacon, Chilean guava, Japanese wineberries, mulberries, Egyptian walking onion, kai lan, and szechuan pepper

Have a look at the Otter Farm website for more ideas.

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