Wednesday 22 August at the garden

A perfect evening for gardening at Alice Park Community Garden – sunny, warm, beautiful sky, what a treat! The runner and French bean plants are majestic and producing lots of beans, those peas that have survived also have pods that will be ready in the next week or so. We cut off all the stalks of the potatoes as there are signs of blight – a well-respected source of gardening knowledge said it’s okay to compost them – so we did. A bit of weeding and removing slugs and snails. Lots of lovely flowers …

Congratulations to Fi for a successful application to BIBS for Alice Park Community Garden.  Her application was for funding towards a programme of activities aimed at local children who don’t have access to a garden.  She and Tabitha are starting work on recruiting this week.

And many many thanks to BIBS.

End of Summer Feast!!

Come along to the garden on Wednesday 12th September, 4:30pm and have a harvest tea with us.  Bring food to share, or just help us eat up produce from the garden.  We will have an open fire and a fire wok so if you want to bring something to cook, please do.  We’ll have the gazebo handy, just in case, so hope to go ahead what ever the weather.

We’d particularly like to welcome back all the participants on the Ten Skills for Transition courses.  It would be great to meet you again and share some of your experiences of the training.              

See you in September, if not before!

Willow Weaving Workshop, 19 May


We had a dry (hooray!) overcast morning in the garden for our willow garden ornaments workshop last Saturday.  The workshop was part of our Ten Skills for Transition volunteer development programme which was funded by Awards for All.

We worked with local environmental artist, Julie Starks (, who specialises in willow structures, including living willow installations.

She began by telling us a bit about how willow behaves, where it comes from locally, and how to get it nice and bendy.  She then demonstrated how to construct a simple cone-shaped trellis for climbing peas & beans, etc.  We all started by practicing how to knot with willow – a very important skill, unless you want the whole thing to unravel!

It was a 4-hour workshop, and most people completed their structure in that time.  Some of them got very creative.  We were hoping to make one for the garden as well, but we ran out of time to do this unfortunately.  But at least we know how to do it now!

Many of the participants wanted a follow-up session.  We will try to arrange this for later in June or early July, if possible.

May 7 Larkhall Garden Trail

We had a very successful Open Day for Larkhall Festival on the Bank Holiday Monday.  There were lots of very brave volunteers who turned out, despite the weather, to mind our plant and cake stall, and Tabitha ran two very successful workshops for children in our small marquee. 

A big thanks to everyone who helped.  We managed to raise nearly £100 for our garden development projects.

Wessex Watermark presentation

Members of the committee, Annie & Jamie, met with Wessex Water last Friday to receive our cheque for £200 for constructing a pond last Friday 27th April.

It was a very wet presentation, but it was fun to show Wessex Water’s representatives around the garden, and they promised to come back later in the season to see how the pond project develops.

A very big thanks to Wessex Water!

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